Thursday, December 9, 2010

Single Digits!!!

Can't believe it - I now have just 9 working days left - 8 1/2 really as I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to go to Carm's retirement party. Time is really flying by, although at times it does seem to crawl. As the time draws nearer I find my emotions fluctuate between excitement and trepidation. You couldn't talk me into staying, but there's also something scary about the great unexplored beyond. Will I find enough to do? Will I find things to exercise my brain? Or maybe I'll just stop worrying about what might be and ENJOY! That is today's idle pleasure - stop worrying and sit back to enjoy thoughts of what life will be like AW - after work! (or A&W - yum - rootbeer and onion rings - now that's an idle pleasure!).

Today's word of the day is burke (to suppress quietly or indirectly; bypass, avoid). I've been invited to Carm's party, so I guess I'll go along. I wasn't keen on having one myself so I've let my co-workers know that I would like to burke the whole party thing. I'm not one for crowds, nor for being the centre of attention. That's Carm's domain.

I had lunch today with a co-worker at a place we have frequented almost weekly for several years - its got the best General Tao's chicken ever. We heard from the waitress that the business has been sold and the restaurant will be closing down December 21st. I'll have to make it over there one more time to really say goodbye.

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