Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dump the Dump

I told Carm today that I wouldn’t put his childish and moronic ideas (his words!) in my blog – I have plenty of my own inane ideas! (Feb 19, 2010 word of the day – inane – empty, insubstantial; lacking significance, meaning or point; silly. Perfectly describes this blog!)

Today at work I helped with setting up the details for a new time tracking system that will track everyone’s time against certain projects. I have to admit that I got a certain amount of pleasure (not really idle but counts just the same),  knowing that I will not have to participate. These things tend to gobble up large amounts of time for what seems like very little benefit. I suppose having upper management know that your time is spent supporting some large, high profile projects helps to justify our existence.

It’s still a little warm for December – if you can call 1C, cloudy, chance of flurries, warm. The average temp for December is -7.1C (18.5F), a good bit colder than today. Historically the coldest day for December was -34.4C (-30F) – yikes! (Environment Canada has great tools for finding these things out – but do you really want to know that it could get that cold?)

Ecotone is today’s word of the day. It is a noun for the transition area between two adjacent ecological communities. Unfortunately I thought of a use for it right away. L

There’s a plan to build a new dump in our township, just 11km down the road from us. The proposal is for it to be built in an old brick quarry. While this might seem at first glance to be no big deal since there is already a hole, there are some ecological issues that have arisen. First off, the quarry collects a lot of water which is a problem in at least 2 ways; first – the geese use it on their migration; second – where will the toxic water drain to? The aquifer that feeds our wells? To compound matters, there is little to no ecotone between the dump and the neighbouring farms. What makes this especially frustrating is this dump is intended for a city that’s not even in our township. We will be the ones left footing the bill if there are environmental consequences.