Sunday, December 5, 2010

Missing my Computer

I experienced today's idle pleasure this morning at 6am when it was still dark. I took the dogs out and noticed that the step was covered by frost. The porch light was hitting it in just the right way to make it sparkle like a million tiny diamonds had been sprinkled across it. It was so ordinary, yet so beautiful. How many beautiful things do we not see as we dash though life eyes only on the future and rarely in the present.

My computer died Saturday morning and I am going through massive withdrawal. I pried Carm away from the desktop for a while Sunday morning so I could get a little fix but I missed my laptop! This prompted some searching on the internet and finally a trip into town to Best Buy where I got a primo laptop with 17" screen. Not as portable but lovely for everyday use. Now if I could just get used to Windows 7. I feel old as I struggle to get used to the new interface.

We also picked up the next round of slipcovers. One set is called sage green, but its really a blueish grey with a hint of green. It looks okay - I guess - but its gonna do. The other colour is dark brown which would look nice on the chairs but not so good on the loveseat by the window. Plus the fabric is a lint magnet so brown would be brutal!

Saturday's word of the day was vociferous (marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry). Carm was vociferous in his protest against trying another set of slipcovers (not really but its the only use of the word I could think of today). Here's another one - Laura was vociferous in her demands for a new laptop ;-)

Today's word of the day is corrode (to eat away by degrees as if by gnawing; especially: to wear away gradually usually by chemical action; to weaken or destroy gradually: undermine; to undergo corrosion). As in my dedication to my job has been corroded by the advancing days of retirement.