Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin!

My Mom called this morning to see if we wanted to meet them for the 3pm showing of Tintin, but since we have someone coming to pick up the 2nd waterbed today that time just didn't work for us. But at least it got the fire lit under us to go today. We've been planning on seeing it since it came out December 20th but since we are the greatest of procrastinators we hadn't gone yet so we packed ourselves into the car and headed in for the 12:30 showing. We didn't want to end up missing it altogether - our names would be MUD! It is a shame that we didn't make it as a family, so that we could all cheer Olaf (brother) and Shawn's (brother-in-law) names in the credits (isn't that cool!), but as it was we cheered anyway. By that late in the credits we were pretty much the only ones in the theatre anyway!

tintin2The movie was a fun adventure and really well done. The animation was just fantastic, exactly what you'd expect from the makers of Avatar! Parts of it had our heads spinning but isn't that the amazing thing with 3D. Some of the characters were animated so well they looked real. Snowy the dog was cute - there are sure to be 1000s of Snowys in the years to come! Sort of like a little white Lassie.  I'm not sure what parts Olaf animated, something with the wallet room, but I'm not sure what else. Shawn apparently had his hand in everything. I think that by the time they are finished with a movie they are pretty sick of the whole thing and don't want to have any long conversations about it!

The trailer for "The Hobbit" was showing... I'm already anxious for this one to hit the theatres! To me the Lord of the Rings movies were the best ever done. The story is of course fantastic, and they captured the feel so well in the movies.  Shawn is already working on this one and Olaf will be soon to follow, just as soon as he finishes his work on the Avengers.

As we were leaving the theatre Mom & Dad were arriving. We got to chat for a few minutes before they took their seats for the next showing. Hopefully we weren’t a spoiler!

Over the last 10 years we have only been to a handful of movies - all the Lord of the Rings movies, Avatar and now Tintin - surely there are others that I've missed (Star Trek? Star Wars?), but suffice it to say we are not big movie goers. We do watch the occasional movie at home but for some reason rarely venture out to the big screen. I think we will make an effort to change that as it is just so much more of an Experience to view a movie on the giant screen with the amazing sound system. I think "War Horse" may be next.