Friday, January 27, 2012

Freezing Rain, Rain then Snow

Friday morning I headed outside as soon as I got up only to find rain, ice, and a bit more ice. There had been a few cm of snow followed by a nice thick coating of freezing rain. Oh, and it was still raining. Because the temp was hovering at the freezing point it was a weird combination of crispy ice over slushy snow. Yuck. I was wavering on the brink of the path, wondering if I wanted to continue or just go get a cup of coffee, when Spike zoomed past me, running way, way down the path and back, then way, way down again. He seemed to be really enjoying the way the ice gave way under his feet. I laughed at his antics and with that motivation headed down the path. Yuck. Wasn't it just yesterday when I talked about a winter wonderland, loving winter, blah blah and all that crap... oh yes, lovely... coat, mitts and hat soaked from the January rain...


But later, after the rain changed over to snow, and the trees were fluffy with snow it was a pretty sight. A trip down the path to the lower paddock revealed a picturesque winter landscape. The late afternoon light turned everything a pinky, orange hue. It was really pretty to wander down the path, stopping with my camera when something caught my eye. I was back to loving winter.