Monday, January 16, 2012

Pay it Forward

We went for a drive today to pick up another load of dog food. It's about a 55 minute drive there and back. Burr it was cold - I had planned on writing some of my blog in the car but it was far too cold for bare fingers. First we went into Kemptville where we tried our hand at a GMC promotion - maybe we could have won a free car, but no such luck. We did look at a few of their models, but I'll have to say I wasn't fussed. The new styling has the windows so small, and that coupled with the tinted windows make for a dark, cramped feeling interior. Plus there was only one that came in all wheel drive and we are sort of stuck on that after owning a Subaru for so long. It doesn't hurt for us to start looking for a new car though, even though we expect the Subie to last thru the winter and maybe even the summer – but if something does happen to the Subie we will be positioned to really start looking.

The drive takes us through some very pretty countryside as well as past some pretty run-down, junky places. Today, even the seedy little villages were beautiful with their thick coating of bright white icing.

Last night we watched "Pay it Forward". It is a pretty old movie (I think 2000), but we hadn't seen it yet. Have you? I don't want to wreck it for you if you haven't so skip right on past if you want. Carm thought he would just read, but I could tell from the sniffling beside me that he was watching too. It captures your attention right away with a moving speech from the teacher, and it keeps your attention the rest of the way through. There were plenty of opportunities to reach for the tissue box. However, the ending... what can I say about it except I don't understand why they decided to end it that way. I found myself waking up through the night thinking about it. It left me with a feeling of unreality, denial, that it couldn't possibly be true.

Remember that old song “Turkey in the Straw” – weren’t those the days of zany music! Today - we saw a little flock of about 7 turkeys on our journey. It's neat to see such large birds roaming free.

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