Saturday, January 7, 2012

There was no Fire, but Plenty of Ice

The weather has been getting us back for gloating about not having to drive into work. Friday we had a funeral to go to and Saturday was Carm's mom's 84th birthday. Friday there had been freezing rain and snow and the radio had dire reports of accidents everywhere. Saturday the freezing rain started as we pulled out of the garage... some stretches were pretty icy... luckily by the time we came home the weather had warmed so the roads were wet, but not icy (millions of pounds of salt probably helped too).


Today (Sunday) dawned snowy and windy, but by 11am the sun had pushed away the clouds and the wind had died down somewhat. A truly beautiful day. The outside called to us so we headed out for an extra walk around noon, with fence tools and brush cutting clippers in our hands. Mission - fix a few fallen strands of electrobraid in the lower pond paddock and cut some branches along our new path making it safer for eyeballs.

I've been avoiding the treadmill lately, instead, trying to get my exercise outside - I'm not getting as much as I should, but it is so nice to spend time in the outdoors - and much better for my emotional health than the treadmill - I usually step off feeling more depressed than when I stepped on - perhaps too much time to think?

1dog002Last night I watched "Marley and Me"... well, if you have seen it you will understand when I tell you I SOBBED at the end. We've been in a vet room saying our final goodbyes far too many times and try not to anticipate the times in the future when we'll have to do it again. That decision is one of the hardest we ever have to make...  If you haven't seen it I'm sorry for the spoiler, but really, in a story about a dogs life how else can it end? My dogs are all curled up against me as I write this - I'm glad they are still young.