Monday, January 9, 2012


20120109_lunch_003Today we hosted a little lunch for a few of Carm's friends from work. It was nice for him to have his friends over, and I enjoyed the company as well. Steve and Scott are both really nice guys that are a pleasure to get to know better. The occasion? Drinking a 2004 wine that they have been talking about sharing for years. And since lunch was all about the wine, instead of just soup and salad we had Rosemary Mushroom gnocchi which paired beautifully with the wine and I'll have to say, turned out fabulously.

20120109_lunch_004We had a long an drawn out visit at the table. It was funny though - I was struck how different the conversation would have been if it were two of my woman friends. Instead of wine, cars, politics, the stock market and work we  would have talked about our feelings, relationships, pets, health and other things that matter to us personally. Oh sure, there would have been some other talk, I might have mentioned how great our car has been, things we want to do to the house, travel plans but I suppose those are also things that affect us on a personal level. Men rarely seem to go to that level of conversation. Maybe it's just me and my friends?

circus dogs vintage image graphicsfairy008bThere was a bit of talk of dogs - Scott has a Golden Doodle and Steve is thinking about getting a dog - he sits a chocolate lab that he loves so he's leaning towards one - hopefully he knows just how much energy a lab has! And of course Spike had to do his tricks - he loves showing off for company (plus he's never one to turn down a treat).

As soon as they left we were out the door with the dogs for a little tramp around the property. The sun was still out and it was still above freezing - lovely. I'm glad we got that little bit of outside time as by the time we finished our walk the clouds were rolling in for another few days of dreary...