Sunday, January 29, 2012

Congenial Kitchen

20120128_bruce-tina_001Saturday,  after a day of house cleaning and playing around outside, we had friends Bruce & Tina over for supper. We gathered around the kitchen island nibbling on snacks and sipping our Lemon Thyme White Wine Spritzers, while I put the finishing touches on supper - prime rib and yorkshire pudding. I turned away from the stove to see the three of them talking and laughing and I realized how lucky we are to have such a great house for entertaining. The kitchen works so well, with its two sinks, corner windows, and giant island.  It is great to have friends seated at the island while I buzz around the kitchen getting our meal ready. It was very congenial.


The kitchen was put into good use today too, although for a vastly different purpose. You see, Carm came home with 66lbs of partially frozen chicken carcasses (or would that be carcai?). We pulled them all apart then layered them on waxed paper to go into the freezer. They are big and meaty, much better than the chicken backs that we've gotten before. A few times a week I'll be able to grab one or two to augment the dogs regular meal of raw ground meat/bone/organ. Nature's toothbrush :-)


Seek home for rest, for home is best.
Thomas Tusser