Friday, January 20, 2012

Plans go Arwy

We started out with plans to go to the Home Renovation show at the new CE Center. We turned onto Uplands Drive and wham - stop and go traffic. Thirty long minutes later we were at the gates to the parking. We had already discussed how much we'd pay for parking - $5 sure, $10 no. Turns out that it was just in the middle - $7... so what did we decide - well, we were cheap and decided for $27 dollars we just weren't that stuck on the show. Fixed income of retirement does that to you!

So we turned around and went to T&T to pick up a few groceries. After being stuck in traffic for another 15 minutes we were shopping the isles - so much strange and sometimes wonderful foods but pig spleen? At $6.75/kg!  I had a package of chicken feet in my hands as a treat for the dogs but decided it would be too gross - I could see Carm turning green. Maybe next time.

Now it would be time for lunch or should we just go home and eat there? But what a gyp that would seem - an outing with no outing. So we went into a little Shwrama place and stood in line for a while... it was moving slowly and there wasn't much place to eat - let's just go home... got back into the car and decided we'd drive to the Pho place that we sometimes go to. It was a good 15 minutes away, but at least we would have a nice lunch. And so we did. Have a nice lunch that is. The place is a little whole in the wall in a slightly scuzzy strip mall. The plates are chipped but clean, and the food is really tasty. We've been going there for a few years and always have a good meal - at a good price too - we still saved over going to the home show! Yeah yeah we're cheap sometimes but what the heck - I guess that's how we got to the place that I could quit work at 48 when Carm retired! But that's another story.

After we finished our tasty lunch we decided to head over to the local Subaru dealer to see what's new. Since our car is getting up there in age - almost 14 years old - we've started the initial investigations for what we will replace it with. We are leaning towards another Subaru since our current one has been such a great car. Today we test drove an Impreza with cvt (continuously variable transmission) that gets 5.5L/100km. It was nice! And felt like a sturdy, well built little car.

All in all a good day even though we did spend a certain amount sitting in traffic!