Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boy Genius


You've probably already guessed that this post is about the golden boy, Spike (who isn’t at all spoiled). Of course you are right! Saturday afternoon when we were out for our little walk I (purposely) dropped a mitten. After we had gone about 20 feet, but the mitt was out of sight, I called Spike over, showed him my remaining mitten and asked to to "Find it!". And you know what - he did - and he even brought it back to me. What a wonder boy :-)  We tried it a few more times, each time with the mitt further away. My mitten got a little slobbered, but what's a little slobber in the name of fun.


Later, I wanted to show Carm, but Spike got confused and I had to help him a bit. I suspect he was thinking I wanted him to find Carm cause that's the find it game that we most often play. In the end he did track down the mitten from 10 or 20 feet away.

We had fun playing around outside Saturday afternoon. It was so beautiful, about -11C, full sun and only a breath of wind. We did our walk - did parts of it again and generally putzed around outside until we couldn't put off the inevitable anymore. Company was coming for supper and our house was a wreck - time to get the vacuum and dust cloths out.


20120122_roses_004We got the house all polished up in time for Deirdre and Chris's arrival. Deirdre and I share a love of horses, in fact we used to ride together, went on the Cattle Drive together, and have spent many congenial hours both with horses and without.  Chris is a friend from work - we've known each other for about 27 years - wow! We had a lovely time visiting with them. As a real treat they brought me the most lovely roses in an amazing deep pink, almost red colour.

Fresh flowers in the house are so luxurious feeling, especially in this icy cold climate.  I've been really lucky this year with fresh flowers - Jo Ellen brought beautiful roses on New Years,  Steve brought potted daffodils and now these roses. No wonder my emotional health has been so good this winter.


The Amen of nature is always a flower.
Oliver Wendell Holmes