Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

2012... 12 years since our bit Y2K bash where some of our guests had to leave due to IT Y2K security issues. It always comes back to that year. What did you do for that big calendar turnover?

We (our guests and Carm & I) ate and drank our way into a New Year - just how we like it. Supper was a long affair, with the first course being served at 8:30, the main course at 9:45, first dessert at 10:30 and third dessert at 11:40. Yes, we ate and we drank. There was lots of spirited conversation - sometimes helped along with a "dinner party topic" game that we got for Christmas. So much conversation that we almost missed the countdown!

Did Dick Clark have his New Years show? We didn't watch it this year - last year freaked us out a bit as he seemed just too old! This year it was Anderson Cooper and Kathy Gifford (?) - I don't know - they just aren't my favorites.

After we toasted in the New Year it was time for ... wait for it... yes... FOURTH dessert! OMG I am so FULL! The ironic thing is now (at almost 2am) we are watching "SuperSize Me" - guess what - I'm already super sized! First New Years resolution - skinny size myself.

Hope everyone had a wonderful evening and such a great start to the New Year that I did :-)