Friday, December 30, 2011

Party Preparations

chefs vintage image graphicsfairy002bYesterday and today we have been busy getting ready for our New Years dinner party. It will be pretty small this year, and looked for a while that it would be smaller still as there was freezing rain in the forecast. Thankfully that weather system has passed us by so it will be a dry night for driving. A few years back it started pouring freezing rain mid evening – no one stayed for the countdown and it was just as well as the roads were already skating rinks when they headed home. We don’t want a repeat!

Friday we got the rice side dish ready: Red & Brown Rice with Sausage and Fennel. It's a version of last years stuffing for the pork roast, but I made it with more rice so that it can be the side dish instead of potatoes.  Our menu for tonight is:

   Crostini with goat cheese & pear
   Olives & pickled eggplant

   Pork tenderloin
   Rice with Sausage & Fennel
   Brussels Sprouts  (wonder how many people like them!)

   Cold Lemon SoufflĂ© (I make this almost every New Year – there are rarely leftovers)

   Laurie & Trudie's desserts




As you can see between cleaning the house and food preparations today was a busy day! The table is even set so we are well on our way to being ready – I even have time to write this post and then sit with a cup of tea (I think – let me check my to-do list – yup a few more minutes and then the big rush starts. I am so scattered that I need a minute by minute checklist of what I have to do – otherwise I just might not get the meat into the crockpot on time! This year I’m trying a new recipe for cooking the tenderloin (yeah I know – for company!). It calls for 4 hours on low in the crockpot, but WAIT – I just checked some other recipes and they call for 4 hours on HIGH… so what to do? Since we don’t want to eat in 2012, I’ll try it on high but check the temp of the meat – the slow cooker has a keep warm setting if need be.


1aaaaabirdnewyr006No time to talk about resolutions today but I have been giving some thought as to my goals for next  year. More on those thoughts next year! This poem was on the BPHope email this morning.

A New Year's Wish
Author Unknown
At the sound of the tolling midnight bell
a brand new year will begin.
Let's raise our hopes in a confident toast,
to the promise it ushers in.
May your battles be few, your pleasures many,
your wishes and dreams fulfilled.
May your confidence stand in the face of loss
and give you the strength to rebuild.
May peace of heart fill all your days
may serenity grace your soul.
May tranquil moments bless your life
and keep your spirit whole.
Wishing you peace, love and hope
—now and throughout the New Year.