Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Year Today

Yes, it is already one whole year of retirement done.  Time surely does fly. It seems like just the other day, and yet forever ago at the same time. I still have the occasional dream about work (had one last night) but generally it's rare that I even think about it. I do miss some of the people though and think about them. It has taken a while but the feeling of rush and hurry has finally left. I no longer feel anxious and in a hurry and am learning to just enjoy the moment better.

Has it been a good thing? HA HA YOU BET!

Today we went into town for some shopping (and also to see my friend at her sister's visitation). We also stopped in to see Carm's mom - she appreciates the company. She wanted to feed us lunch but instead we just had some cookies - she had made tons of different kinds of Italian sweets. Yum... and she sent me home with a tin of my favorites. She is 84 years old in just a week, but has the energy of a much younger woman. I don't know how she does it, but she just never sits still.

One of the things we picked up was a bottle of Coconut Water - this is supposed to be the new sports drink full of electrolytes but without the sugar... well... YUCK! Carm had one sip, I managed to have a few more to give it a fair chance, but yuck - the rest ended up in a Costco garbage can.

I also scored a huge hurricane style candle holder - perfect scale for the coffee table. I've been looking for something for a while and was thrilled to find this at 50% off! Instead of a candle I've filled it with blue Christmas balls. It's pretty.

Today the blog post has been done 100 percent on my tablet. No spell check so there may be mistakes! Sorry - I've always been a terrible speller.

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