Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few Sheets of Drywall

imageMore progress was made in the old bird room (it's too depressing to call it that so now I think I'll call it the craft room). We got a few sheets of drywall hung, but have to make a trip to the store to get a few more. After that we'll need to tape and plaster the joints.
Dorothy asked what we'd be using the new room for - well, my first thought is a craft room. The light is so good that even on a dreary day it will be brightly lit with the centre fluorescents turned on, there is lots of room to create storage for supplies, and there’s room for a really big table to spread things out on. She wondered if we'd be using it for doggy things - agility and trick training. I think it's a bit too small for that, but once we get the main room finished I'll certainly be using it for some practice work. It's basic size is 24x38 which might even leave room for a tunnel or other such obstacle.
Can you believe there are still geese! December 16th! With no snow on the ground and temps above 0C we could be tricked into thinking it is the middle of November instead. But since we are just 1 week away from Christmas Eve we better not be lulled.We've had lots of grey days, but lucked in with some sun today - I took advantage and spent some time reading on the futon in a sun spot.
The other day at Costco I picked up "Spontaneous Happiness" by Dr. Andrew Weil. I'm about 1/4 into it and am enjoying it very much. I've also flipped through the book to see what else it offers. There are a lot of suggestions that I can apply to my daily life to help to smooth my moods and I dare say that anyone with an interest in improving their outlook would benefit.
xmas_2001_skjenna_45sI got my hair cut the other day, but asked to have too much cut off - it's so short it stands on end on the top of my head! Yikes! I'll be the round bowling ball head in all the Christmas photos... which reminds me of a few years back Mom arranged for all of us to go to Wal-Mart to have a group photo taken (we were 10+1 child). So the attendant arranges us in 3 lines and takes the photos. OMG - we all laughed so hard when we saw the outcome... they had to peel us off the floor we were laughing so hard... I don't have a copy to include but picture this... 3 rows of 4 round heads one on top of each other (I guess you'd have to see it to know... but we are all pretty round headed, so just a bunch of floating heads... you couldn't really see our bodies... OMG). Anyway, we ended up taking the photo ourselves on the main staircase at my parents house which turned out pretty good as you can see.
My mom likes to get a family photo every Christmas, but I guess she'll be out of luck this year again - 1/2 the family is in NZ - if only Santa's magic sleigh could bring them back home.
As I'm writing this Grace is cracking me up with her "oops!" followed by laughter - she's babbling on about lots of other stuff and whistling too. Carm's not around so she's particularly chatty. She listens to everything he has to say, and learns most of her words from him - we can tell cause she usually speaks in his voice - parrots are a lot of work and a fairly demanding pet, but gosh can they ever be entertaining! I never tire of listening to her.

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