Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

20111223_snow_009Today was an absolutely glorious day - the sun was shining, the air cold and crisp, and not a breath of breeze. It reminds me of one Christmas Eve afternoon when I had a horse boarded at a nearby stable. After we got home from work I quickly changed and headed to the barn. A few others had the same idea so we all saddled up (me with a new sheepskin seat cover - nice...) and headed out to the back of the farm. The horses were frisky from the fresh air and trotted with big, bouncy strides through the snow. It was quite possibly the nicest Christmas Eve afternoon I've ever enjoyed.

During our working years (grin) Christmas Eve mornings would be spent at work. Since almost everyone brought their kids to work I'd often take a parrot with me, in the early days Buzz, and more recently Grace. The kids got such a kick out of seeing her - most had never seen a parrot before. Then they'd let us free from work and everyone would leave in a giant crush, bogging the roads for ages. We'd finish our last bits of grocery shopping on our way home. Then as soon as we got home, we'd load the car with food and gifts and drive back to my parent's house to continue the festivities.


After a lovely walk with the dogs, we headed into town to spend the afternoon with my family. The afternoon will be capped off with our traditional Norwegian dinner. The table will be groaning with plates of lefse, lutefisk, meatballs, gytost (cheese), pickled herring, tortierre for those non-Norwegians among us, and all the other fixings. We'll finish supper with a rice pudding dessert that is also traditional. An almond is hidden in a bowl and the happy recipient is said to be the next to get married - which is a little silly given that most of us already are! We saw a program recently that paired a marzipan pig with the lucky almond. Perhaps a more practical outcome unless like me you aren't overly fond of marzipan...


Gosh it was hard getting into a cold car, but it was time for our trip home. We made the usual Christmas Eve detour through the village to see the Christmas lights. Then home to the pets – the dogs were anxious to get outside, and even more anxious for their late supper. Grace wasn’t saying much we we could tell she was hungry for her dinner.

After I get this uploaded it will be time for a hot tea or chocolate and a Christmas movie.

It is nice to have these traditions and fun to pass them down to the next generation.


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