Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Deer Hunter(s)

dogsanddeer-graphicsfairy007bTuesday afternoon we were out front putting up more Christmas lights and I noticed the dogs weren't around so went to look for them. I could see them running around the "lower pond paddock" down below the house, towards the creek. I also thought I saw one of them way to the east (but I think now that it was a deer that I saw). They disappeared so I started walking after them. We haven't been down into that paddock for some time, and with the horses being gone it is overgrown with weeds and brush. I followed the dog tracks and soon came to a green spot in the grass - some large animal had clearly been lying there just recently and there was also some deer scat was near by. So that's what they were tracking... I had to walk for quite a distance before I saw them and got close enough that I could call them off the trail. (note to self - work on recalls). Thank goodness that they hadn’t seen it or I might still be looking for them… Now I'll have to really keep an eye on them as they'll be back down there at the first opportunity.


20111227_lights_001On a better note, we got 15 packs of big multi-coloured lights up on one of the big spruce's at the front of the house. With a total of 375 lights the tree looks great and I can even see it from my seat on the sofa :-)  I love lights - they always make me smile so why haven't we done this sooner?