Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Especially Good

20111210_christmas-decs_012After watching last nights news report about all the freezing rain and associated accidents, we thought that it was an especially good day to be retired. But wait, it's especially good when the weather is marvellous as well! Could it be that it's just especially good, day in and day out ;-)  That being said it was nice not to have to brave the icy roads for that long drive to and from work. Freezing rain is the worst.

This morning the bright sun sparkled off the crystal gown that everything was wearing - it sure was pretty  (I may have Will Rogers on the brain with his country drawl - sure was all y'all). And crazily by 1pm the temperature was up around +5C! What's with that?



I broke down and had pancakes for lunch today... bad bad me... but something reminded me of the wonderful homemade Maple syrup that we got from friends a while back and I needed a fix. ETL (Eat to Live) Fat-free vegan supper tonight to make up - White Bean and Garlic Stew with Spinach. It's one of our regular meals - it's ETL friendly, tasty, easy to make, cooks in the crockpot and makes enough to have leftovers for another night. I try to plan one or two meals every week that will leave us some leftovers. We try to make the majority of our meals ETL but it's awfully hard...

There were still geese flying over this afternoon when we went for our little walk. Not a huge flock, but still a few hundred birds.