Monday, December 5, 2011


It's December 5th and huge flocks of geese are flying over. I would have thought they would be nicely ensconced in warm weather already -  if I had wings that's where I'd be.

It was a dreary, rainy day.  The kind best spent with a cup of tea and a computer. I played around with my scrapbooking software and got a few pages done with pictures from our  November walks. I didn't feel motivated for much else.

Today's soup was modelled after Hungarian Goulash - a fat-free vegetarian version of course. Some cabbage, onion, carrot and brown rice, topped off with a large dash of paprika and a spoon of hot sauce and we had a warming soup perfect for the day. There was also some thyme, bay leaf, salt and garlic - hope I remember how to make it again. My test soups don't always turn out so great so I was pleased that this one was a success.

I've been drinking one of two mugs of green tea since I saw something about it being good for you on Dr. Oz. I couldn't remember just what its benefits are purported to be so checked the web. Well my gosh - it is good for just about everything (although I didn't see anything about weight loss - drat). Check it out and see if you want to include a few mugs yourself.


Pleasures today? When I took the dogs for their late afternoon walk around the property they light was such that everything had an orange glow. It was pretty, even on such a dreary day ; on the same walk a huge flock of geese flew low overhead - I love hearing the whoosh of their wings - plus they made it seem less wintery ; the feeling of cool rain on my face (hey - it's not snow!) ; eating some perfectly ripe pineapple - did you know that 100g has 80% of your vitamin C requirement? ; sitting on the loveseat looking out the window while I write this post - it's getting dark, and looks miserable, but that only makes our nice, warm house seem nicer ; knowing that I have 6 huge bottles of bubble bath in reserve ; watching Carm fix the broken toilet handle - it wasn't complicated, but thankfully he knows how to do those handy things ; practicing a command that we haven't used for a long time - Spike didn't remember it (and honestly it's almost the exact same hand signal as another one), but he tries so hard to figure out what I'm asking - he'll keep trying things until he gets it right and he's so earnest about trying (he really wants that treat) -  and he's just so darn cute. I have to figure out a new trick to teach him...

If I had to choose a religion,

the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.
Napoleon Bonaparte