Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Pleasure Recap

I realize that I haven't been remembering to notice the small pleasures in life so today I'll do a little catch up. I'm pretty sure I won't remember too far into the past, and with the cloudy cold days we've been having lately it is sometimes a little hard to find those pleasures. But this morning it started with seeing a little peek of red leaf from amongst the frosted brown grasses. Isn't it a wonder how such a little bright spark of red can be so warming on a cold morning.

Of course the dogs always give me pleasure. I love watching them run to their crates for their supper. I love watching them run and leap through the field - sometimes Kabira goes crazy and zooms around for the shear joy of running, the other dogs hot on her heels. I love seeing the joy of life in her face when she does that. I love the way Bella and Spike have a joy of the chase look on their faces as they follow her - they are always up for a game. I love it when I call them and they race full speed over to me (to get a little treat, but still). I love how the snuggle against me when I sit on the futon with them. I love how Kabira stood beside me for the first several minutes when I got on the treadmill this morning, she stands so carefully still as if she's going to catch me if I fall. I love wondering what they might be thinking when they watch us do seemingly crazy things like walking in one spot on a noisy machine.

And then there's Grace. I never tire of listening to her whistle and chatter - she's a very good bird (or so she tells me). I love how she knows when certain food comes out of the fridge or cupboard - right away she's peeping her little peep so that we don't forget to give her some. I love how she lets me know she’s hungry every morning. It’s a chorus of “are you hungry” until she gets her breakfast.

I love walking on our land every morning - seeing how the grasses have turned yellow and the fallen leaves darken. I love seeing the frost deck their edges like lace edging a cushion. I love looking across at the huge willow tree that my mom and I planted when we first purchased the land. I love seeing the cows grazing the land, turning a weed infested field to a productive pasture. I love seeing the birds flying and the little ones that hop around our trees.

There was the new pleasure of my Transformer (prun). I so enjoyed reading the blogs I follow and writing my own in the comfort of my loveseat by the window, or better still snuggled up on the futon with the dogs.

There was the pleasure of opening the mailbox and finding a postcard from a good friend :-) I never get anything in the snail mail that is interesting or fun to get (monthly RV magazine excepted) so the postcard was an extra special treat.

I also had the wonderful pleasure of learning that I'll be an auntie again. Then there's the pleasure of talking to little Nissa, one of my nieces from NZ. And I can't forget the pleasure of seeing my ever growing taller niece Juliette and nephew Eric. Thank goodness at least some of them live in our city.

I learned today that Vivian Leigh was bipolar. Sadly she died of Tuberculosis at a relatively young age (54). A good reminder to me to be grateful for my continued good health.

When I look back at my calendar for November I realize that we had lots of pleasures last month - perhaps even more than usual for a November ‘cause the weather was so spectacular. We were lucky enough to get out for several drives/hikes.  We also got to spend some time with friends that we don't see too often, although we didn't spend as much time as we would have liked. And last, but not at all least - it was our first November of freedom so in that way it was perhaps the nicest November ever!

I'm sure I've missed a lot but even this abbreviated list is a good reminder to myself.

I really am lucky/fortunate to have the life I have.

Dear Lord, I'm so grateful I'm still loved.
Vivien Leigh