Tuesday, December 20, 2011

(Almost) Winter Solstice

It's (almost) here - the shortest day of the winter (or more precisely 12:30 AM on Dec 22). It’s been a freezing drizzle kind of day, the kind that is so dark it seems that there was no daytime at all – fitting for the 2nd shortest day. We still made our twice daily trek around the property – the dogs are happy to get out no matter what (although I think Kabira would have appreciated her rain slicker). The return of the sun should be celebrated so we will be sure to raise a glass to her golden beauty and warming rays. There is something to say about the low sun though - it shines ever so nicely into the great room, bathing the room in sun spots.

imageOh - there was a big flock of geese overhead yesterday morning. The sun was so low, or perhaps they were flying at such a great altitude, that it glinted off their light coloured bellies making them look like snow geese, doves, or maybe even swans. We don't get swans in this area of Ontario, but there were 100s (1000s?) of them in Brighton where we camped last summer. I'm sure they've gone south by now.

I woke up Monday feeling so tired and achy that I was sure I was coming down with something. I barely made it to the futon for a day of reading and movie watching which seemed to be just what I needed. I did drag myself to the local Home Hardware with Carm where we picked up a few more strands of lights to string outside - the house looks positively festive. We just have white ones, but we might pick up some blue tomorrow if they still have any.



As you can see we still don't have any snow, and it looks like there won't be any this year – although the long term forecast for Christmas day has snow – of course – the day we HAVE to be driving around hither and thither.

Tuesday we did some more drywalling - we are close to having the craft room "boarded". It takes us forever to get even one sheet up, and longer still if there is any cutting.  Have you ever looked closely at drywall or gyprock - it is pretty strange stuff with its paper sheathing and chalky white innards. Who ever thought up such a thing?

We met friends at the Casino for supper (also known as "that place to which we wear pants with elastic waists so that we can fill up on really bad (and slightly gross) food"!). In fact I had to search the whole buffet to even find a shred of salad greens or other vegetable (even the carrots were glazed and buttered). Most everything was some sort of meat or pasta dish – food that is totally not in our regular diet. Of course the food was only secondary to visiting with friends. After supper was done with we headed into the casino for 45 minutes. I will have to say though that I don’t get the gambling thing. Carm handed me $10 to play with – I tucked it in my pocket and left it there. It just didn’t seem like enough fun for 10 bucks. Leo, one of the fellows were were supping with won $54 – so I guess it was fun for him!

Christmas... is not an external event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart.
Freya Stark