Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Written in the car on the way into town:

retro christmas tree gfairyChristmas day was a lovely one, but a bit sad. Both my family and Carm's family gatherings were missing a lot of family members - but we tried to look at the bright side. Spike came with us - he loves to visit Grandma. Santa had filled Spikes stocking with several toys so he had fun playing while we all opened our gifts. Soon though he had all his toys piled on his little bed and squeezed himself on as well for a little nap.


Then we headed over to Carm's brother Joe's. Well, Sunny, Spike's cousin, flew out of Sandy's arms to see Spike. They remembered each other right away and started running and playing. Sunny was SO excited, we all laughed and laughed as Sunny ran circles around us. After that we visited Carm's sister Maria, where his mother was. Spike stayed on his leash here as they have a cat, but was a good boy and lay by my feet. By the time we got home he was one tired puppy.


Today we are driving into town to pick up some boxes - get it - boxing day - no seriously we are hoping to find these funky winter hats like the one Graham got from Santa. They have flaps that cover the ears and maybe cheeks too. They'd be perfect for our daily walks around the property. I remember as a kit Boxing Day was always spent cocooned in the house playing with our new toys, or maybe on the toboggan hill with our sleighs.

After our shopping we'll have turkey dinner with Mom & Dad - it will be quiet with just the four of us, but we rarely get to visit one-on-one so it will be a pleasant time.

Speaking of walks, this morning's was quite a trudge. We got just under 10 cm so our path had a fair amount of snow to drag our giant farmers boots through.

(p.s. I love my prun (Transformer) – it is so easy to type things on even in a moving car!)

Written at home after a long day:

The hats weren’t on sale so we came home without them – there was a sale online so we’ll save the $18.00 and order online – they even have free shipping.

We did luck into the mother-lode of Christmas lights so stocked up on several strands of big led lights – they will look great on our big blue spruce. There were lots of other decorations on sale so I stocked up.


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