Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seeking Happiness

The last few days have been busy ones. Friday morning we were awoken before the crack of dawn by our alarm clock. Time to get up and get into town in time to meet friends for coffee. Yes, the old coffee gang (-1) was once again together. After much congenial conversation it was time to go. I looked at the clock on my phone and was shocked to see that it was after noon - yikes - I was supposed to go to Carm's mom's for lunch. Unfortunately I was so late that they were already eating when I called. Oh well, after 25 minutes Carm was there to pick me up and drop back by his mom's house so that I could say hello. She is such a sweetheart that she had saved me some lunch to eat on the go - yum yum. Thanks!


After that it was time for our grocery shopping, first though a stop at an Italian deli shop right around the corner from Carm's mom's - I'm sure I've mentioned them here before, but they make THE BEST sandwiches on amazing buns - guess what supper was last night! Next a stop at Food Basics to get some frozen turkeys at $.77 lb. - what a great deal - cheaper than the frozen ground mix that we normally get the dogs. We've been doing really well at purchasing all healthy (except for the sandwiches) produce and yesterday was no exception. No processed foods for us.

20111210_christmas-decs_015Today the sound of Christmas music filled the air as I finally got busy with putting up garlands around the windows. Boxes and boxes of Rubbermaid storage containers were dragged out of the basement. It was like going into a treasure trove as I unpacked the decorations and placed them about the house. Our house has been transformed :-)  Later in the week, or perhaps next weekend we'll go out and cut a tree. I might not bother with a tree, but I love the lights so much it is worth the effort.

That about covers the last few days, except I have to do a quick mention of the lovely orange sky that glowed in the west as we took our little walk around the field. The sky was pure orange between the horizon and the flurry laden cloud. I also have to tell you about the amazing moon early this evening. It was so large and bright – I almost expected to see Santa Claus fly past with his reindeer.

“I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them.” – John Stuart Mill

One might also add to this to remember to find happiness in the small things in life - those desires can most certainly be satisfied if one is willing to be mindful of the little things.