Friday, February 8, 2013

A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

We started the day thinking of going into Wellington to run errands and do some shopping, however I wasn't feeling well (I haven't been for a few days? Something that I'm eating? Being upside down for too long?), so decided to stick closer to home. After a lazy morning and a light lunch of eggs with toast, Kirsten brewed up some tea and packed away a few gingernuts for a little picnic.

We drove over to Makara Beach, which isn't really a beach but more of a rocky shore. Pretty none the less! From the parking lot we struck out along the coast, thinking to stop somewhere for our tea. There were a few ladies out looking for shells so we asked them about the path going up the hill. They knew the path well and suggested a hard right at the ridge up there and a struggle up a steep hill as a good picnic spot. We followed their directions and after a mighty steep path (steeper than the ones at Kirsten's place), we stepped out onto a little plateau with a view to knock our socks off. It was more than worth the climb.

We perched on the side of the hill in a handy little step of earth and enjoyed our treats. The sun was warm, the wind was soft and the views were spectacular. I think we were both glad that we skipped the city in exchange for this. Imagine having such beauty just 15 minutes from home. I am going to miss that about NZ.

After our little forey into paradise we drove back to Makara to pick up Nissa from school. We had time to spare so took a little drive around the cemetery. It was a beautiful spot with sections for every religion that you can imagine. There was even a natural nature section with no grass mowing, just ponies and sheep to keep the grass down. Beautiful.

With Nissa back home we relaxed for a bit and then got her geared up for a ride. She rode ahead while Kirsten and I enjoyed the walk - not a very far one, just enough to stretch our legs and make us feel we earned our supper :-)

Happy Tails!