Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shopping for Helium

It is the tail end of my last full day.

Kirsten and I spent a quiet day at home until it was time to go pick up the girls from school and take them from dance. We did get out for a short walk - the same walk that I took with them the first day I was at Kirsten's - fitting I guess. The weather was warm but cloudy and windy.

At 3pm we picked up Nissa from her school, then headed into Karori to pick up Shenna and her friend. We drove through the city (which way I'm not sure as I'm never sure which direction we are travelling - it usually seems like we are driving in circles!), and finally made it to the McDonalds just down the street from their dance studio. Tammy met up with us so we got a quick little visit and afternoon tea with her and Freya (who was wearing red sparkly shoes), before we had to dash away to get the girls to dance on time.

Kirsten and I drove off to do a bit of shopping at the Warehouse (which is a bit like Zellers/Giant Tiger) - I was hoping to find some helium balloons that I could pack into my suitcase! They are a little heavy! No luck so we headed back to dance so I could watch.

Kirsten had picked up some lamb and steak the other day so we had a bbq supper with that and some mushrooms, green beans, and cheese of which I can't remember its name. And a bottle of wine. When the time came to say a toast, all I could say was "cheers"... I thought of saying something more, like thanking them for such a lovely visit, but realized quickly that anything more than just "cheers" would have me in tears.

After supper we watched a video of the girls dance performance from before Christmas - it was a well done video that did justice to the dancing. Both girls have a natural grace (I don't think they got it from our side of the family!). Then it was time for Shenna to work on a little art project ;-)

Kirsten, Shawn and I babbled on into the night - it is now past 11pm and time for bed. Last sleep (on land) till I'm on my way home. It seems like so long ago that I came here, but at the same time like it was just the other day.

Happy Tails!