Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Makara Beach Photos

Starting out on our walk. We weren't exactly sure where we were going to end up but talked to some ladies on the beach for ideas.

It was a bit of a climb but well worth the effort. The view was spectacular. I took a ton of photos, none of which give it justice. We had a great view of the South Island.


Looking back at where we had come from - see the village way in the distance, the car is parked there. I would say we earned our two gingernuts!

Speaking of gingernuts, we don't get them at home but they are a lovely treat to have with tea. Straight out of the bag they are as hard as rock, but dip them in your tea and you have a soft, gingery mouthful. Yum :-)

It is very pretty along the road to Makara, with homes tucked in the valley (and flat spots for arenas, etc), but they all seem to need a bridge to get over the little stream that winds along the valley. Some are rather rickety looking!

No bridge in this photo, but I loved the huge trees.

Happy Tails!