Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Long and Not So Winding Road

It has been a few days since I last wrote - I guess I've been a bit burnt out and tired, but I have still been having a good time.

Friday we got up late and then lingered around the house for a while. We finally got ourselves organized and drove into Wellington for a bit of shopping, stopping for Dim Sum on our way. We were headed for downtown so Kirsten took the route through the Aro Valley which is guaranteed to make me car sick! I'm surprised that cars here don't come with airsick bags (and next time I come I might grab a few from the airplane just in case!).

We stopped for Dim Sum at their favorite place and we all gorged ourselves (it was really good!). After a bit of shopping downtown we made our way across town or maybe it was just over the hill - I never really know where I am in relation to anything else - to Olaf and Tammy's. Kirsten and the girls stayed for a bit of a visit and then had to dash off as they had ponies to wash for Saturday's horse show.

Olaf & Tammy and I had a tasty pizza supper from Hell's Pizza and an early night. I find I'm just a bit more tired every day! Tammy was a sweetheart on Saturday morning - when Olaf left for work she took Freya and Lola out for a walk so I could sleep in and then have some time to myself. It was much appreciated :-)

Once she got home Tammy and I had a nice visit out on the deck overlooking the city and had fun playing with little Freya (I don't think I've heard her cry the whole time I've been here!), Olaf joined us out on the deck when he got home from work in the early afternoon. After Freya had her nap we went for a drive over the hill and around the coast back to the road we normally take to get to their place. I had a map so was able to figure out where we went - that was very helpful. At one point we parked the car and walked down to the beach :-)

The funny thing about the drive is it was the reverse of the route that Olaf brought me from the airport. Remember I wrote about how winding the roads were! I had a pretty good laugh as that particular drive is NOTHING compared to some of the other roads I've been on. It is all relative I guess!

Wellington has so much coast line, and with the rugged hills it is truly a beautiful city. When you are up in the hills the views are spectacular, and when you are on the little coast roads the views are equally impressive. It makes Ottawa look blah. Imagine being able to drive for 10 minutes and being at an ocean beach, or 10 minutes the other way for faraway vistas. I would really love to live in a city like this (but one a little closer to home...).

After getting Freya all set for bed, Olaf and I left Tammy at home and headed off to Kirsten's - stopping at McDonalds on the way for a LAMB burger! I couldn't come home without trying one :-) (thanks Olaf). The only problem with McDonalds, and then driving out to Kirstens... more of those barf bags might be needed! I had to get Olaf to slow right down at one point as I was pretty sure I was going to lose it (it being my supper).

Olaf stayed for a visit and we had a really good time - the only thing that would have made it better is if Graham had been there. Oh my gosh there were times we laughed so hard we were crying (at times I don't think the girls knew what to make of us). I wonder when we will all four be together again?

On to Sunday - I slept in late again and it has been a quiet day. Shenna made us crepes for breakfast (yum), the girls did some horsey stuff, Kirsten did some laundry (I helped pin it on the line - there is something therapeutic about that - note to self, put up a clothes line at home), we fed the eel (yes - the eel who is about 3 feet long and lives in their creek), and now I'm writing this while Nissa finishes her homework and Shenna is getting her stuff ready for her first day of school. Kirsten is making margs and quinoa burgers :-)

Happy Tails!