Monday, February 4, 2013


After a record number of beautiful hot days, the rain has come. It is cooler (but not cold) and it rained and sometimes poured today. And still there were bare feet about!

Our day started early to get the girls off to school - Shenna to her first day back and Nissa to her second day after a week of hookey! I promptly went back to bed for a nap, while Kirsten made lovely almond cookies. When I finally dragged myself up out of bed again Kirsten did a bad thing. She put on the first episode of Downton Abbey and I became almost immediately addicted. The acting is really good, and the settings are lovely.

The rain eventually let up for long enough for Kirsten and I to go out to do some horse things. I played with pony Scout while Kirsten did all the hard stuff. It was fun to get horse hair on myself again :-)

By 3 pm it was time to start the long evening, starting with picking Nissa up from school, then Shenna, a little trip to McDonalds for tea, the grocery store for fruit and bread and stuff to make supper tomorrow night, and then to the dance studio. Monday nights Shenna dances from 6:15 till 8:30 - 1/2 jazz and 1/2 ballet. I really don't know how she managed to keep up on her feet (my legs went to jello just watching her)!

Kirsten dashed out to pick up pizza's and then finally we were on our way back home. In the dark. And the rain. With some fog. On the windy roads. Now I know why all the roads have reflectors built right into them!

And wouldn't you know it - when we got home the power was out! Lucky thing Kirsten picked up those pizzas! As it was it was almost 10:30 before the power was back on and the girls were ready for bed. What a grueling schedule.

Happy Tails!