Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travelling Home to Yesterday

The plane is between Honolulu and San Francisco so there is still a ways to go before we even get to Vancouver, after which there is a 4 hour layover and then a 5 1/2 hour flight. It is seeming really long. I slept some, but not enough, I suppose I should try to get a few more minutes while the plane is dark. But it is hard to settle down enough to do that.

I've listened to the entire soundtrack of Les Mis once, and might just do so again. Right now I'm listening to Katie Melua, I can listen to her over and over.

Home can't be gotten to fast enough at this point. I'm tired, and emotionally drained - it was a great and wonderful trip, but it took a lot out of me. I sometimes forget that I have extra "obstacles" to overcome and don't properly take them into consideration. But I suspect everyone does the same thing while on vacation! Cram in as much as possible - every molecule that you can!

Some random thoughts:

What I saw of New Zealand, and especially Wellington really impressed me. It is beautiful! Nearly everywhere you look there is something to treat the eyes. If you can get over the feelings of carsickness driving around there is much to appreciate. The curve of the roads made it impossible for me to have a sense of direction - I never knew which direction I was facing - when I look on a map I can see why!

I never really figured out which side of the car to get into, no doubt I will be going to the wrong side of the car when I get home! I'm all mixed up. I didn't cross the road by myself very often, and it's a good thing as I was easily confused.

Many NZers walk around in bare feet! Even in stores and yes, the airport too!

I love the Maori tattoos - they are beautiful works of art.

Groceries are sometimes way more expensive than at home (limes $29/kg), while other things are the same or cheaper.

The wine is good :-)

Family is fun!

I don't know if the weather I got was typical (actually I think it was particularly good) - we had so many beautiful days.

Some clothes to bring: light windbreaker that can pack in my purse ; light sweater - layers are good as the weather can change from minute to minute. Bring good walking shoes - everything seems to be up a giant hill! And even when you get to the top you have to get back down which can be challenging as well.

Not all places take credit cards, especially take-away places.


I think I'll try to shut my eyes for a bit - there is still over 3 hours to go till we reach Vancouver.


In Vancouver - got through customs and security so now it is just a matter of waiting for my flight (in just under 4 hours).

Speaking of travelling back in time - it is 12pm wed the 13th. I left Wellington at 5:30pm wed the 13th!

Happy Tails!