Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Windy and Blustery and then Another Nice Day!

We had a few quiet days with the girls at school. I slept late and watched Downton Abbey. We did go into town to pick up the girls from school and take them to their dance classes - they each had one on Tuesday. After class we dropped Shenna's friend off - her house has an elevator up the hill!

Wednesday was a school holiday- Waitangi Day (google it) so we stuck around home. My main activity of the day was getting up the hill and down again! I posted about it yesterday. The girls played on their ponies the rest of the day, while I lay around on the sofa - I wasn't feeling very well so took it easy.

Thursday the girls were back at school so Kirsten and I got ourselves organized and into town. We went over to their Breaker Bay house and did some deck washing and weeding - it is up for sale so Kirsten wanted to get it looking ship shape. The views from that house are spectacular - anyone wanting a seaside home in Wellington?

We finished off with a quick Dim Sum lunch - I'm trying to get my fill while I have a captive audience! After that we picked up the girls from school and came home for some pony time.

After a few days of typical Wellington weather, today it turned beautiful again. The budgies are outside enjoying the fine evening - I bet Grace would like some outside time - 76 days till the first camp though so she'll have to be patient.

Time to run outside to get a bit more sun.

Happy Tails!