Saturday, June 3, 2017

a beautiful day

We slept in till almost 8 am today! I was able to convince Spike to go back to sleep at 6:30 and quickly got back to sleep myself. After last night’s late to-bed I was happy for the extra zzz’s.

When the dogs and I finally got going, we stepped outside to a blazing blue sky with nary a cloud. It was cool with a bit of wind, but with the sun it seemed like the nicest day of the year. I managed to do the loop without getting tangled once - the dogs are less excited but still very happy to get out for a walk. We didn’t pass another dog though, that would have ‘complicated’ things! We did pass a couple that called us over to their camper so they could admire the beasts, and another one that admired them from a distance. Even in their dotage they attract attention.

later in the day… actually it is 10:15 pm…

It would be harder to design a more perfect day. The weather was perfect: sunny and warm without being hot (a few sunburns around though). We had a slow start to the day but as soon as it was warm enough I brought Grace outside and ensconced myself into a chair. A bevy of people stopped by to chat. Soon we had Christine & Peter, Andy & Edna, and Mark & Marilyn settled into chairs.

It was so beautiful out.

One of us, (I think it was Christine), thought we should try to pull together a pot luck for tonight. Carm went off to let others know and we disbursed to make our plans. Carm headed off to Costco with Mark & Marilyn, while I held down the fort. I did, but from across the lane at Andy & Edna’s site.

More sun.

At 5 pm we got together to pull picnic tables together for the gathering. We had a good turnout with 26 in the end. A few joined us later for dessert, and a few more again at the campfire.

It was a grand ole time.

One couple brought venison and wild boar which was a big hit with everyone. They also showed up at the campfire with popcorn popped in their special popper.

The dogs have spent lots of time outside, gone for a few good walks, and watched the supper fun from the camper window. It has been great having all the events down at our end of the park - very easy to dash to the camper to take care of things.

But now… I can hardly keep my eyes open and feel slightly shamed that I’ve written this quick post and not even read it over again.

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