Wednesday, June 7, 2017

despite the rain

It is mid afternoon and I’m sitting outside in the shade watching Carm wash the camper. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, which is a turnaround from yesterday when all it did was rain and rain and rain. I’m waiting for the clock to tic to 3 to make some mojitos for Edna. The dogs and I have already been for our afternoon walk.

So far it has been quiet, with just us enjoying the day. That will change soon!

Yesterday the dogs slept in but they still needed to go out. They don’t like the rain, and I was too lazy to put on their slickers (and where or where is my slicker hat?), so we didn’t have productive outings. If only they knew that we wouldn’t have had to go out the extra three times they might have made more of an effort, instead of cringing against the raindrops.

Carm and I relaxed with the pitter patter of rain on the ceiling. It was good to have the chance to re-charge. Later in the day Marilyn called to invite us over to show our Med cruise photos, which we did. Time flew by and it was time to leave for Costco and better still RAXX for fish & chips. Mark drove (again) and we met up with Andy & Edna. We had hoped that other rally goers would have come but I guess they were put off by the infernal rain.

The fish was crispy and tender, and the tarter sauce was homemade.

Back home Mark & Marilyn came back for their fix of CNN. I think I’ve mentioned before how often conversations turn to the political situation in the US.

Despite the rain it was a good day.

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