Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Yesterday was a full day with no time for writing. We had a great time visiting with everyone (well, not everyone, not many people were outside as it was grey with the shadow of rain overhead all day).

Christine and Peter were leaving so I kept an eye out the window and dashed out before they left. Andy and Edna came over and so did Mark and Marilyn. We decided that no matter what we’d book our same sites for next year, even if the rally wasn’t going on. After C&P pulled away Marilyn came up with the idea of getting together for supper. The rest of us jumped on the idea and I offered up our camper for the venue. We all had something to bring so the work was shared.

We parted ways for only a bit. We were going shopping to the outlet mall with M&M - even Carm agreed to come which is amazing as he is not a keen shopper! He was having too much fun with everyone and didn’t want to be left out.

As it turns out, shopping was fun and even productive. I wanted a light windbreaker/rain shell that wasn’t black and found a lovely pink one that I totally love. It has a hood and will roll into a tiny ball. Carm got a bright blue golf shirt, perfect for picking him out in a crowd. M&M found what they were looking for too. There were plenty of laughs along the way.

By the time we got back to the camper there was only 1 ½ hours to walk the dogs, clean the trailer, and get ready for 6 of us for supper. Since it was cold and threatening rain we ate inside. Yes… six people to eat in our little villetta… and yes it can be done and even with a bit of room to spare. Two people sat at the dining table, two people on the sofa with the lift up coffee table, and two people on hard chairs sharing a small patio table. We could have fit two more in a pinch.

Six pm and there was a counter full of dishes and a living room full of people: Andy & Edna, Mark & Marilyn, and Carm & I, and of course Grace. The dogs were locked in the bedroom so they wouldn’t be under foot.

Once we were finished supper we reluctantly headed outside to the campfire - people were already bringing their chairs. It is at Andy & Edna’s so there was no way out for them. I’ll be honest and say that I was pretty knackered by that point and was glad when Marilyn and I slipped away to watch some CNN. (yes, you aren’t hallucinating we were catching up on Trump news!)

Whew! What a FANTASTIC day we had!

The rain is coming down hard this morning, hard enough to lull the dogs into sleeping in. They aren’t crazy about getting rained on so I had to drag them out for a short walk. I’ll wait until the rain lets up before we go on a proper walk.

A trip to Costco might be in our future today and for sure Fish & Chip night at RAXX.

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