Sunday, June 4, 2017

grey and cold outside but warm in my heart

The dogs and I saw a coyote on our afternoon walk into the ‘back 40’ wilderness area. I was daydreaming when I saw Kabira alert to something and looked up just in time to see it running off. It wasn’t too far from the camper and it ran down a path that I had thought to take one day… maybe not… or at least not until Carm is with me.

I really do love this park. It is so green and has so many ‘rough’ areas away from campers that it is easy to walk the dogs. So far we’ve only done the back loop, but if I wanted a longer walk we could stroll among the seasonal camp roads. There is another hike that takes us to a rocky outcrop overlooking a lake that we’ve never taken but will this trip.

It is dark and dreary inside and equally dark and dreary outside. Splatters of rain occasional dampen the ground. So far (it’s almost 3 pm) I’ve only been outside visiting with people twice. One of those times I sat with Christine and Peter until I was frozen. The fireplace has been going all day.

The TV has also been on for much of the day :-(  More politics. It has been very interesting over the last few days how many conversations turn to the American situation. I haven’t heard any conflict except over what is the most effective focus for the media to take. In the past there has been no political talk - now it’s on everyone’s mind.

… supper time …

Our guests just left. Earlier I saw Bill and Margaret walking by and dashed out to invite them in for a visit. Later Peter and Christine were back from their motorcycle ride so I dragged them over as well. We had lively conversations (that didn’t get too political) which brightened up the afternoon. Many of the rally folk went out to a play and dinner so it was nice to find some company!

… 11:30 pm …

Just in from the campfire. It started late in the evening as it was threatening to rain earlier. We were lucky as the raindrops seem to have missed us. Editor is still there. Yawn.

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