Thursday, June 1, 2017

First day of 2017 Titanium Rally

We were up before the dogs this morning and getting cracking with our day.  By 9 am the dogs were crying and running to the door every time we turned around. How did they KNOW? We were careful not to talk about camping or car rides or any other things that get them going. By 9:45 we were out the door to hitch. The dogs ran to the truck, milling around until I let them in. Grace jumped onto my hand with unusual fervor and went into her little carrier with barely a ruffled feather. It was time to go and everyone was keen.

We hitched carefully (after 6 months we were out of practice and so much can go wrong), and were out of the laneway by 10:06 - a mere six minutes after desired departure time.

My lists did their duty - so far there is nothing that I’ve forgotten. I had a bit of a scare last night when I tried to update one of them on my wablet… the uncheck and clear completed buttons were too close and suddenly my list was empty. My heart sunk - it had taken me ages to get this list and with over 100 entries it seemed unlikely that I’d be able to re-enter it… but, before I totally lost my head I did a quick google search and if I pressed this button and then that one my entries would be returned. It worked and now I’ve done an export as a backup.

Anyway, it was an easy 2 hour drive from home with little traffic on the 401. We felt lucky to be the ones that didn’t have far to go. Check-in was easy, getting set-up and at home was a breeze. I took the dogs for a quick walk and then it was time for a light lunch.

There is a mix of sun and cloud with cold, gusty winds that keep me in a sweater. We’ve been in and out of the camper for short walks and wanders down the camp road to greet people coming in. It’s fun to be here but am reminded of how cliquey it can be…

I’ve been running around letting people know that a group of us are going to RAXX for $7.99 ribs - we’ve been looking forward to this for ages!

11:30 pm and we are back from supper and our evening guests have left - whew!

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