Saturday, June 10, 2017

idle pleasures

The irises are in the midst of their bloom. They are beautiful to look at, but perhaps they are more beautiful to smell. I keep going out the front door to bathe in the sweet fragrance. The sweetness has merged with the smell of freshly cut grass which draws me out over and over.

You can guess that Carm has spent several hours over the last two days tackling the hayfield that is our lawn. This is the time of year that Nature’s boundless energy is more apparent. It is a miracle to me that grass and trees, not to mention vegetables and herbs, get their life from the brown dirt. The trees have stretched out their branches even farther than last year and will need clippers, a saw, and perhaps a chainsaw, to keep them from engulfing us.

Carm swam - first time this year - we need to do some deck modifications and get a new pool ladder to make it guest ready though, so Carm went into town for some lumber.

I’m on the swing - first time this year - and am being serenaded by the rustling of the wind in the trees (it’s own secret language), and birdsong. Red-winged blackbirds call out in the field and a robin calls to her chicks from a nearby tree. A small flock of Canada Geese just passed overhead.

Through the long winter I had forgotten about my little piece of paradise. Our visitors the other day never got a chance to experience our domain, and perhaps the worn out deck and uncut grass were a distraction.

We talked about how my blog got its name, talking about the small daily pleasures that I try to notice and find joy in.

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