Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bella's Big Day

Today is Bella's 6th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that we picked out our little puppy from a litter of 9. She was about 4 weeks old at the time. Then came the long, long wait for her to reach 9 weeks old and be ready to come home. I did go out and visit her once (maybe twice - I can't remember) and then finally it was the time.

I picked her up during the day and unfortunately Carm couldn't come with me. So I set up a crate in the truck's passenger seat - she wasn't very happy and cried all the way home. She didn't like the car for the next year or so and would puke every car ride. Poor little dear. Once we got home she settled in and quickly became a member of our pack. We had Pan, Grizzle and Titan - they each treated her like a princess. I know it's crazy but I hardly took any photos of her when she was a little puppy - maybe because she was a little black blob.

Today's word of the day is conventicle (kun-VEN-tih-kul noun - 1: an assembly of an irregular or unlawful character ; 2: an assembly for religious worship; especially : a meeting for worship not sanctioned by law ; 3: meetinghouse). Tonight our house will be a conventicle (meaning #3) for a few retired and out-of-work work mates (Carm's) who are coming over for supper and conversation. I'm pretty sure the conversation will be mostly boring work talk - I'll keep busy in the kitchen... I wonder how they'll like the healthy meal? It doesn't compare to the Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding the last time they were over!

My pleasures today: remembering Bella as a puppy ; playing with my new software - I can see that this is going to suck up a LOT of time! But it will be fun. In fact I spent so much time playing that I hardly got this entry written. I'm a sucker for software.