Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lemony Fresh

We were busy cleaning the house and getting ready for dinner guests. We need to make sure we have regular visitors as it really motivates us to do a good cleaning!

Today's word of the day is meshuggener (muh-SHUG-uhner noun : a foolish or crazy person). I must be a meshuggener to be thinking of adding another puppy to our pack. It is spring time though and I think I'm programmed to want to extend the family every spring. It is perhaps the hardest time of year for Carm as he struggles to keep our home numbers from increasing. We were (mostly) safe when we were breeding horses as there were new foals to distract me from puppy mania.

My pleasures today: making bread (whole wheat of course) - it has been a long time - even while rising it has a homey fragrence ; cleaning the house with the lemon dusters made with lemon extract - so clean and fresh smelling! ; walking outside in the muck - it is really spring now (not so pleasurable, cleaning 3 sets of 4 feet) ; eating a handful of walnuts - I have been skipping the nut portion of my diet, trying to save calories, but I noticed my mood has been slipping which could be related to the lack of Omega-3's. Time to add the walnuts back into the diet.