Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doff the Locks

Today's word of the day is doff (DAHF verb 1a : to remove (an article of wear) from the body b : to take off (the hat) in greeting or as a sign of respect ; 2: to rid oneself of : put aside). Today the poodles doffed their long winter locks in exchange for some cool spring togs. In other words, it was Poodle hair cut day. I was a bit stodgy after a late night with guests last night, but I've been putting off this task for far too long. Plus the dogs look a mess and needed a bath. It is not a task that I look forward too.

I had the exquisite pleasure last night of having both a glass of bubbles and visiting with good friends (not so much of a pleasure - overdoing the roasted vegetables - drat). How could I top a pleasure like that?

My pleasures today: watching the poodles run around in their new haircuts - they look so trim and fit ; getting outside for a short while to trim trees and help Carm cut down and buck up some trees (although there is nothing whatsoever pleasurable about a chainsaw - those things are scary).  ; watching the dogs sunbathe in a sunspot ; eating a little piece of toasted Moroccan bread that I made yesterday.

O Pioneers!

The other day I finished "O Pioneers". It was a nice story about times at the turn of the century. How hard things were then compared to our digitized world. I like reading stories about the people who settled this continent. My favorite books are the "Little House on the Praire" books which really gives an idea about what life might have been like.

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