Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sucked In

I'm finding it more difficult to find time for blogging... I'm sucked into the scrapbooking software big time. I've got a bunch of pages done for Bella, and now some for Kabira as well but I go back and change things incessantly - there's always something to fiddle with. I suppose at some point I will have played around enough to know what I like and just get things done, but for now I'll just experiment. There is no deadline after all!

Today we got outside and did some more yard work. We have now done more cleanup and general work about the place that we did all last year (excluding cutting the grass). It feels good and it is a bit of exercise as well - double bonus.

Today's word of the day is vestige (VESS-tij noun : a mark or visible sign left by something that existed before; also: a minute remaining amount). There is not even a vestige of regret for our decision to retire this year!

My pleasures today: getting some raking done outside ; coming back into the warm house - it was freezing out there! ; making a bunch of branch perches for Grace to enjoy in her outdoor cage - lots of bark to strip off and wood to gnaw ; getting a couple of really good recalls from Spike.