Friday, April 1, 2011

Playing House

I have another follower! Welcome to Mary, who has no blog of her own that I can tell - hopefully she'll share with me when she does. I wonder if it's Oscar's Mary (see below). It seems weird to me that anybody actually reads my rather mundane musings, but maybe they come for the cute dog pictures (which I have been remiss in including). I need to take a few photos of the dogs now, especially the poodles. They are looking cute all over-grown and scruffy. Sunday or Monday will be time to get the clippers out and make them look all fancy again. I'm planning on leaving Bella with the beginnings of leg puffs (Spike already has some), but they bring so much foliage into the house I'm not sure that I will.

I got an email the other day from Dawn (Spike's breeder) that she had a litter of silver miniatures born. I'm awfully tempted to add to our pack as I just love the silver, and this breeding has produced some nice puppies. I think I will resist this year though and see what next year brings. I know that Spike would have great fun with a friend, but he doesn't like sharing much so that might be a problem. A friend from work, Mary, has a silver dog from this breeding, Oscar, that has grown to be a gorgeous boy with a lovely temperament. Oscar is planning a visit to Spike in the near future and I know that Spike will be thrilled to see him.

Oscar as a youngster

Spike and Oscar together

Mary deciding if she'll take Oscar (how could she say no?)

Today's word of the day is riddle (RID-ul noun - 1: a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question posed as a problem to be solved or guessed : conundrum, enigma ; 2: something or someone difficult to understand).

My pleasures today: looking at last years photos of the silver puppies - oh so lovely ; playing house in the camper - changing the pillows and throws etc from winter Burgundy to new ones just made ; this one is both pleasure and pain - pigging out on hot buttered toast - I'll never loose weight at this rate.

the camper all decked out in its new finery