Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Osculation Please

Today's word of the day is osculate (AHSS-kyuh-layt verb : kiss). A while back I made a resolution to incorporate more hugs and kisses with Carm everyday. I did well for a while but now the osculation has dwindled to pre-resolution levels. It is time to renew that resolution and take a few minutes out of my day, each and every day, to incorporate this good practice.

Last night we had Mexican Black Bean Soup with some cucumber on the side. It was tasty and there were even some leftovers to enjoy with our giant salad at lunch today. (Recipe here).
the fixings for last nights supper
the finished product - thick and hearty

My pleasure's today: waking up a bit early to the sounds of birds singing (although this was somewhat ruined because it was a bad dream that woke me up) ; eating a tasty fruit salad for my dessert - the mango was perfectly ripe ; cutting and then sewing together all the little squares for a throw (see photos).

next step - backing & trim

And here is one thing that was NOT a pleasure today: chasing down the dogs when they wouldn't come when called - some days I'd like an e-collar for Mr. Naughty as today he gave me the equivalent of the puppy finger and took off in the opposite direction. ZAP!


Today is a free day for the 31 Day Challenge. In other words I can write about whatever I want. It is easier to have a pre-assigned topic than having to come up with one myself! I feel discombobulated from a bad dream last night so it's been difficult to find a topic that isn't morose. Today is the last day of the challenge so I'd like to write about something meaningful, yet I can't seem to get my mind and feelings away from this dream. It has affected me such that tears are pricking against my eyes.

The dream was about not being good at something and having someone else be much better at it than me. And then they got on my case about it, shouting at me that I should have done better. At the end of the dream I just went into a room and locked the door behind me. This has perhaps been the way I deal with issues that are too emotional for me and may in fact be the root of some of the mental distress that can cause a bout of depression. It is time to start facing the difficult things head on and not shut myself away from them.

Do you ever have dreams that make you think about yourself and how you deal with the world? Or that cause insight and change?