Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Room

Today's word of the day is unknown (unknown - unknown). I'm sure this must be a mistake at Merrium Webster, but it is what it is. Its unknown how people who get the full size box spring can climb onto their beds without stairs. Even with the low profile box spring, our bed is so tall that Spike even has trouble getting up. He'll get used to it though and get a little stronger in the back end. I'll teach him to wait for me to lift him down, although he does jump down onto the soft dog beds at the end of the bed. Or we'll have to trade him in for a bigger dog!
My pleasures today: eating a hearty lentil soup ; reading a book in the afternoon in the new, giant, king size bed ; feeling the cold rain on my hot face - bracing, almost refreshing ; smelling the ginger chick peas with spicy tomato sauce (don't know yet what it will taste like, but hopefully its another good one for the diet.).


31 Day Challenge is "your favorite room in your house".

Hands down the living room, although the kitchen and master bath are close favorites. The living room is a spacious room - 24'x36' - with a cathedral ceiling. There are windows on 3 sides - east, south and west. It is bright even on the dullest of days but when the sun shines its almost like being outside. When we designed this house 17 years ago I had an idea in my head about how I wanted the space to live and feel - since this is the first winter where we've been home all the time I can see now that it exceeds my expectations.

dining table looking east - kitchen to the left.
Its great for dinner parties :-)

Since its so big it has a few different areas. My desk with laptop is right between the glass door and the smaller window - from my chair I can see out of both. The treadmill is in one corner with windows on both sides - I can look out either while I'm working out - its almost like walking outside. The table is near the kitchen end - it functions beautifully when we are having guests, it's also a great crafting table. The sun shines right into the room in the winter, onto the sofa and the futon. I can have a nap in the sunshine. In the summer, the trees that are close to the house block a lot of the hot sun. They create a shady, cool feel. Winter or summer, its super comfortable and a great place to spend time in.

my desk - I can see out of the windows on either side of me
when I'm sitting in my chair. In the morning the sun shines
into my eyes which I love after 29 years of working in a
This is along an east wall next to the desk. I can sit sideways with my tea
on the window sill and watch the rain or snow come down - or better yet
a beautiful day dawning.
South wall - almost 24' of windows with a long
window seat. Plants love it here, even in the winter.
The sun comes right into the room through these windows
in the winter time.
Treadmill in the south east corner. With windows on both
sides I can almost imagine I'm outside.
The futon catches a good number of rays on a sunny day.
This is a great place to read or crochet or NAP :-)
This is what I see when I'm sitting on the futon - it's almost
like being outside, but cosy and warm.
I can't forget Grace's great cage area. It's right next to the TV and really
right in the thick of all the action.
Believe it or not, there's also real furniture in the the middle of the room,
I just showed you the edges.