Friday, March 11, 2011

Old Yeller

Old Yeller (Vault Disney Collection)Today's word of the day is fulvous (FULL-vus adjective : of a dull brownish yellow : tawny). Do you remember the movie "Old Yeller"? The first time I saw it was at a school showing in maybe grade 3 or 4. I remember us sitting on the floor in the gym but surely that must be wrong - how could we have sat cross-legged for almost 2 hours! Or maybe they showed it to us over 2 days. My memory of the circumstances are vague but I recall the movie vividly. I was entranced by the fulvous Old Yeller and oh how I stifled back the tears when he died. I haven't seen the movie for years but I'm certain that the ending would still move me, perhaps even more now that I've lost a few treasured friends of my own.

Oh how I wished for a dog of my own, not one with such a tragic end though. I was already dog crazy by then, perhaps I was born that way. I walked every dog in the neighborhood with the hope my parents would relent. I hunted down stray dogs and dragged them home with the hope my parents would relent. I brought home unwanted puppies with hope my parents would relent, but no, my parents were extraordinarily cruel and didn't get me a puppy till I was 12. Thor was a small, white miniature poodle with the ability to change into a burly bulldog, a tall Irish Wolfhound, a strong husky, a stealthy hunter, and best of all a warm, cuddly friend who could keep any and all secrets.

We played lots of games, including hunting down our cat. He was so good at this game that his ability to track Fooling that he saved his life one bitterly cold Winnipeg night.

My pleasures today: managing a very short micro jog on the treadmill.


31 Day Challenge is "a photo that makes you laugh".

This photo of Carm makes me laugh and feel warm all over. He's just helped me with the big annual horse chore - putting up the hay. Even though he really didn't want horses once the decision was made to get them he supported me 100%. How blessed am I.