Saturday, March 5, 2011


We were going to have friends coming over for supper but at the last minute they had to cancel. We'll miss seeing them. Because of the visit the day was spent house cleaning and cooking. It seems to me that we should clean the house the day before guests as by the time everything is done and we are ready for their arrival I'm beat! For food, we were going to have Lemony Lentil Soup topped with fresh cilantro and then a Broccoli & Red Pepper stir fry that has a bit of heat and of course brown rice. Simple sliced strawberries for dessert. I wonder if there's a herb or spice to put on them that would jazz them up a bit? Lemon Thyme might be nice but I don't have any (next summer I'm growing pots and pots of this to have in over the winter). I could try a banana with some orange juice whizzed up in the blender to top them off with. Yeah, that might work. Jim and Kathey were going to be subjected to our Fat Free Vegan diet, but I wasn't going to tell them!

Today's word of the day is volte-face (vawlt-FAHSS noun : a reversal in policy : about-face). Our volte-face on the issue of dogs not sleeping in the bed with us started with Spike, on the camper. It was awkward to have a crate in the space so we started having Spike beside the bed (the Titanium's have a small raised carpeted area beside the bed, almost at bed level). It wasn't long before he had figured out how easy it is to get from there to the bed. We didn't toss him out as we were too lazy/sleepy to set up the crate, and if he was beside us we knew where he was. This progressed to him sleeping in the bed at home... no one could say with a straight face that we don't play favorites.

My pleasures today: watching the dogs play ; listening to Grace talk ; ordering new bedroom furniture - yup, real bedroom set furniture and not just a rag tag collection of furniture that we have now - there's a dresser from when I was a baby, really cheap filing cabinets, the TV on an old coffee table - it just ain't pretty. I'm pretty excited about the new stuff and motivated to get painting again! ; The last pleasure, sitting down after being busy all day - oh that feels good.


31 Day Challenge today is: "your day" which means I get to pick a topic. Which means that today there will be none at all. Just no time and focus but if I had more time I may have made it about cleaning the house!