Monday, March 14, 2011

Giving in to Temptation

Yesterday was another grey day - I'm not sure how many in a row there have been but dearly wished to see the sun. I felt my spirits sinking under the heavy grey sky. Luckily when I woke up this morning the sun was forcing itself through the last layer of haze. Hurrah! It was a totally beautiful day - very spring like. Hurrah again!

Yesterday's word of the day is hermetic (her-MET-ik adjective - 1: relating to or characterized by occultism or abstruseness : recondite ; 2a : airtight b : impervious to external influence c : recluse, solitary). These days we are leading an almost hermetic existence. If it wasn't for the odd visit by friends and family, and the occasional trip to the outside world we would be totally reclusive. I imagine that once the winter weather is gone we will start getting out more. As it is, for now we are (mostly) happy to cocoon at home, recharging our batteries.

Today's word is batten (BAT-un verb - 1a : to grow or make fat b : to feed gluttonously ; 2: to grow prosperous especially at the expense of another -- usually used with on). Kabira normally batten's through her meals. I've never seen a dog eat so fast, even big bones. We have tried to keep her meat and bone bits large so that she has to chew them, but even so, when she gets to the end its one final gulp. She doesn't get the full benefit of the bones on her teeth, but more importantly we are afraid that someday she'll choke or bloat. They get a small snack in the morning, but we feed the main meal late in the day so that they are less active. No running around after supper.

No pleasures for yesterday - I was in a FOUL mood! Today was better so I could actually appreciate some things (sort of). But today - I have a confession to make - today's pleasure was a juicy hamburger with crispy fries and a coke on the side! I decided that since I'm down over 10 pounds it would be okay to have a big cheat for just one meal.

31 Day Challenge for day 13 is "how do you relax".

Relax - what is that? Seriously though .I think a lot depends on the definition of relax - does that mean not doing something constructive? If that is the case I suppose I read or watch TV and now crocheting is starting to become relaxing. Sometimes I just relax with my thoughts. If "relax" includes activities, then training Spike a new trick or polishing an old one, or cooking and baking can be relaxing, going for a walk if we are camping, or even going for a drive and looking at the countryside is a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon. But then there's my favorite - sitting in a comfortable chair with some sort of icy drink in hand, looking out over the cool, blue water - that's not just relaxing, it's heaven.

31 Day Challenge for day 14 is "one thing you want to do before you die".

I've already done the things that really were important to me - mainly have the horses, and Norwegian Fjord horses at that. I think this might be part of my problem is that there no longer seems to be something that drives or motivates me. That leaves me feeling rudderless. Sure there are things I want to do like train a dog to compete in agility, become more crafty, make a quilt, do a bit of traveling, but they aren't "I must do before I die" kind of things. What does that mean I wonder? I do believe that part of this malaise is due to my medications - they are mind altering drugs that smooth the ups and downs and perhaps the passions too. I guess if I want to be well I have to be content with "average".