Monday, March 7, 2011

My Bamboo Stir Spoon

Today's word of the day is collop (KAH-lup noun - 1: a small piece or slice especially of meat ; 2: a fold of fat flesh). As she climbed from the pool collops of flesh partially obscured her skimpy bathing suit bottoms. That's what I'm trying to avoid by keeping to my fat-free vegan diet. Still gotta keep at it for a while but I'm getting closer to that sexy red two piece suit!

My pleasures today: getting things cleared out of the bedroom to get ready for the new furniture (and we even got rid of that stupid giant TV that won't even fit into the new armoire - yeah!).


I got an email from someone with a 3 1/2 year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback that they need to re-home. Apparently he is good with other dogs, people and cats. He looks a lot like Kabira and they'd probably have a really great time together, but of course 3 dogs is plenty! If you know of anyone let me know and I'll put everyone in touch with each other.


31 Day Challenge is "something you use everyday".

My bamboo stir spoon. It fits perfectly into the curve of my saute pan that I use for stir fry's. It also matches the curves of my Dutch oven. And to make it even better, it fits perfectly into my mise en place bowls, scooping their contents perfectly. It's an inexpensive little tool that does its job well and is always is a pleasure to use.

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