Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something I do everyday

Today's word of the day is ancillary (AN-suh-lair-ee adjective - 1: of lower or secondary class or rank : subordinate, subsidiary ; 2: providing additional help or support : auxiliary, supplementary). I was always happy to take an ancillary role at work. I liked my job as it didn't consume my life. Often in management roles the workday extends into the evening and vacations take second place to business demands - that just wasn't where my priorities were. Work was more ancillary to my love of breeding the parrots and the horses - that is where my true passion lay.

2 macaw chicks, one not quite out of the egg.
It's hard to believe that they will grow into
large beautiful Blue & Gold macaws!
I only wish that I could have devoted all my time to these pursuits and not spent so much time tied to a keyboard. I had to stop with the parrots and the horses when I got sick as it was just too much to manage with work demands as well. I wonder how things would have worked out if I had been able to stop working then - perhaps I'd be having fun with baby parrots and foals even now. But it does no good to wonder "what if".

My pleasures today: breakfast with my Mom - its always good to spend some time with her ; lunch with Karen - it's good to see her after so long ; a walk outside to see the ice jam in the river and the backed up flood water over some of our land - the power of water is tremendous ; eating that lemony lentil soup - how can something so good for you (and low in calorie) taste so darn good?

iceflows under the bridge at the end of our property


31 Day Challenge is "something you do everyday".
Every single day, without fail, we take the dogs outside for a little play. If the weather is bad the play is shorter but we try to get out there for at least 15 minutes. We always head into the hay field, except for those few weeks in the summer when the grass is high or the hay is newly cut. The dogs run, chasing each other, having a grand old time. We slowly walk around the field, past the barn, past the camper - our trusty home away from home, past the hydro meter for Carm to check, then back up to the house.

freshly cut hay - why is it always the hottest day of the
summer on baling day?

If we are camping they still get out - we hook up their leashes and head out for a walk - usually for 1/2 hour or more in the morning and at least that long in the evening. We like to take them far from the campsite areas for them to do their business - no one really wants dog pee on their site. Of course we pick up no matter how far off the regular path we go. These camping walks are good exercise for the dogs and us - we all sleep well when we are camping.

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