Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Least Favorite Chore

Today we experienced a (very) minor earthquake. It was measured at 4.3 - pretty tiny compared to Japan. We weren't even sure what had happened as the house sometimes shakes a bit when heavy farm machinery rumbles over the narrow bridge over the creek - but this was longer and bigger and louder. It felt almost as if a big jet was going to land on the house. It was over so fast that there was really no time to worry. A far cry from the earthquake experienced by Japan last week - how terrifying that must have been.

The inspiration peak from today:
I was in darkness,
but I took three steps
and found myself in paradise.
The first step was a good thought,
the second, a good word,
and the third, a good deed.
Author Unknown
Today's word of the day is microcosm (MY-kruh-kahz-um noun - 1: a little world; especially : the human race or human nature seen as an epitome of the world or the universe ; 2: a community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity). In the spring the pond becomes an avian microcosm as migrating ducks and other birds pass through.

My pleasures today: seeing more geese ; the sound of geese honking as they fly overhead ; another day above 0C, although cloudy and windy it still melted the snow - more of the grass is visible ; having Spike at my feet while I read sitting in the loveseat, tea at hand .


31 Day Challenge is "your least favorite chore".

Gardening and weeding. I don't mind getting my hands dirty but I just don't like weeding. I do love a beautiful garden though. Luckily for me Carm has a green thumb and while he may not love weeding either, he doesn't dislike it as much as me. You would think that I would enjoy the connection with nature that gardening gives, perhaps I've always had too many thoughts about not liking it that its impossible to enjoy.

The Secret GardenI just finished listening to the Audiobook for "A Secret Garden" - there's lots of gardening in that book. She talks about the magic in the garden, in the growing things and in the earth itself. Gardening seems so much more beautiful in the book, and perhaps if my garden was surrounded by a beautiful stone wall and was strung all over with roses it might be more fun. This spring, when its time to get out there, I'll put on my headphones and have a listen again to the book - then I'll find myself infused with Nature's magic - in fact I'll make it my goal to find the magic in the garden.

If you haven't read or listened to "A Secret Garden" then you should put it on your must read list. Its a charming book with such a good philosophy. She talks about being able to control your bad thoughts and replace them with happy ones, with the magic of nature both within us and outside of us and in how believing in yourself can let you conquer the seemingly impossible. Wisdom for both young and old.