Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Carm

I'm a little behind in my postings as we've been busy celebrating Carm's ## birthday.

Saturday afternoon we headed into the city for our annual night out in celebration of Carm's birthday. First we stopped at Fabricland to pick up just a bit more of the cricket fabric, and then we headed to the Chateau Laurier to check in and get settled into our room. The Chateau is the grand dame of Ottawa hotels, one of the early CP hotels. It has beautiful old architecture and grand public spaces. Once we got settled we put our coats back on and headed into the market to look around and then find some takeout sandwiches for our lunch. The place we have historically gotten them seems to be in new hands and had no sandwiches, so we headed elsewhere (almost as good, but not quite), picked up a few cold beers and headed back to our room.

Tina and Bruce met us in our room and then we headed out to the Keg for a much waited for steak dinner - oh my gosh - talk about feeling stuffed! We aren't used to eating such huge meaty meals! After supper we picked up coffees and headed back to our room for, you guessed it, burnt sugar cake.

Sunday morning Carm's morning dawned cold and windy but after a quick swim we bundled up and headed over to Zak's diner. We'll probably find somewhere else next year as the quality seems to have diminished. Plus the prices have increased. Almost $10.00 for bacon, eggs and toast! Outrageous!

view of Parliament Hill from our room
I won't mention just how much we missed the pets though. I think that we would have headed home after supper if we hadn't spent $$ on a hotel room! But we had Karen looking after them so knew they'd be okay even if we werent ;-)

Today's word of the day is farouche (fuh-ROOSH adjective 1: unruly or disorderly : wild ; 2: marked by shyness and lack of social graces). The farouche crowd waiting for a place at the bar at the Keg made the wait seem like longer.

My pleasures today: getting one pillow sewn together.

Some crazy colours - bright and cheery for the camper

31 Day Challenge for March 26th is "the best gift youve ever received".

Puffy, the kitten that I got for my fourth birthday. For an animal crazed little girl a kitten was possibly the best gift I could get, baring a puppy.

31 Day Challenge for March 27th is "your favorite meals or recipes"
Roast beef (prime rib) with yorkshire pudding. Or maybe it's just Yorkshire pudding as it goes well with steak too. Definitely off the diet as it's main ingredient is fat, but since we have a prime rib in the freezer once we are down our next 15lbs I'll treat myself again.

31 Day Challenge for March 28th is "if someone gave you $1,000 to spend on YOURSELF, what would you buy?".

I'm a big sucker for stuff for the house. So I'd probably buy some large, low dinner bowls, a quilt for the bed, some other fabrics to just have for projects someday, I'd save a bit of it for new clothes for when I'm finished dieting, and then I'd get a pedicure!